Communications Protocol

Whitby School: 2022-2023 School Year


Whitby School Communications Protocol

This guide is intended to help parents stay well informed and find resolutions to questions and concerns through a clear, communicative process.

Whitby school uses a variety of methods for ensuring the school community remains well informed and connected throughout the year. Please use the following communication resources to stay informed during the school year:

Overview of School Areas & Topics

How We Communicate at Whitby

The Veracross Parent Portal is a secure information hub and each parent is provided a secure login during the application process.

Veracross provides school and classroom news, school and teacher emailing capabilities and parent/teacher conference sign-up plus classroom and student-specific information including: attendance, class schedule, homework, progress reports, school/athletic/birthday calendars, student/parent and faculty/staff  directories.

Whitby's school calendar is published on the Parent Portal. Parents can sign up for iCal data feeds and/or email alerts specific to class or sections.

Access the Parent Portal

Whitby uses email as the main source of personal communications from school to home. Parents are requested to use email as the primary means of contacting the school for non-urgent matters.

This Week at Whitby: This Week at Whitby is a weekly newsletter that is distributed via email every Thursday. The newsletter lists key upcoming dates and events school-wide and by section.

There are a number of events throughout the school year at Whitby. Please refer to our Veracross calendar for the most up to date schedule.

Key Events Include:

  • Parents Association Meetings - held on campus once a month
  • Class Coffees - Informal introduction to the school year with faculty, administration and class parents
  • Curriculum Nights - Fall evening events provide essential information to parents about the classroom and curriculum, plus an opportunity for Q&A with classroom teachers.
  • State of the School Corporation Meeting - Annual Board of Trustees report, open to all Whitby parents.
  • Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences - Held twice a year, these conferences showcase our students' learning in action.

Our school's Policy Documents can be viewed below:

Curriculum Guides can be viewed below:


Located at school entrances, our TV monitors provide recent highlights and promote upcoming events.

Website: The public website serves primarily as an external platform for attracting new families with information about the school. We also post news that is of public interest. Parents may subscribe to the public news feed. We aim to provide updates to the news on a weekly basis.

Browse our Faculty/Staff Directory

Social Media: Whitby uses social media, primarily Facebook (/whitbyschool) and Instagram (@whitbyschool), as interactive platforms to share information, insights, and activities with parents and the general public. Parents are invited to follow Whitby on those platforms, like/share posts with their friends and followers, and comment positively and responsibly. We aim to post weekly on these platforms, or as events happen. Some class sections use private Twitter accounts to connect with parents during overnight trips.

The Veracross Alert System relays emergency messages about school closures, delays and emergencies via email and text messages. Alerts will also be posted on the home page of the website.

Key events are streamed throughout the year. As a member of the Whitby community, you are allowed to live stream these events for free or login to your account at a later time to watch events on demand.

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