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Sharing the Planet

(February 19 - March 8, 2013)

(April 1 - April 19, 2013)

(Exhibition:  April 25, 2013)

Transdisciplinary Theme:

Sharing the Planet

Unit Title:


Water and Exhibition


Central Idea:

Water is a force of change on our planet and an essential finite resource.


Key Concepts: Change, Form, Connection, Responsibility

Related Concepts:  Sustainability, Resources, Lifestyle

Lines of Inquiry:
  • Water as an agent of physical change on our planet (water cycle)
  • Uses of water
  • Water issues (erosion, pollution, global warming, acid rain, etc.) conversation and distribution

User Name: whitby

Password:  bell

These videos can be accessed from Whitby. To see them at home, you would need to purchase a Brainpop account for your home.

Liberty Kids This site teachers teach its audience of 8-16-year-olds about the origins of the United States of America.   Liberty's Kids tells of young people in dramas surrounding the major events in the Revolutionary War days. 
American Centuries From the Memorial Hall Museum - In this online collection, you can explore American History withhands-on activities, exhibits, lessons, historic documents andartifacts.  If  you go to "search the collection" and type "Revolution" in the search, you will get over 100 primary docs and artifacts.
Liberty! The American Revolution PBS A chronicle of the revolution that includes perspectives on liberty and a game to test your knowledge.
The Birth of a Nation ThinkQuest -  Learn about the American Revolution and watch a re-enactment of the Battle of Lexington and Concord in this student-made web site. Photographs, maps, and a time line make the Revolution real, from what people wore to what John Hancock’s house was like inside.
American Revolution National Parks Service - This site groups the parks associated with the American Revolution and suggests parks appropriate for study of particular revolutionary themes.
Traitors, Seamstresses and Generals: Voices of the American Revolution Voices of the American Revolution expresses the main focus of this student-created site.  Traitors, Seamstresses, and Generals were real people who were important figures during the time of the American Revolution
The Midnight Ride The Paul Revere House - A description of the events, images and an "interactive" ride.
The Empire that Was Russia This is a collection of images of Russia during the period 1900-1915. The photographer's techniques enabled the Library of Congress to recreate high quality, full-color images of 100 year old scenes that look as though they were taken yesterday.  The site includes numerous buildings that were destroyed during the Russian revolution of 1917.
National Archives: Teaching With Primary Documents Choose "Primary Sources and Activities" for reproducible primary documents, photographs, and lesson plans correlated to the National History Standards, and cross-curricular connections. The site includes interesting activities for use in studying events in U.S. History.
Discovery Education Username: whitbyct  Password: bell - Key in the search box "American History: Road to Revolution". Follow the route of revolutionaries as Assignment Discovery explores the conditions and causes of the American Revolution. Exploring events from the Boston Massacre to Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, students will gain a deep understanding of the struggle to gain independence and the values of American democracy.

Discovery Education Username: whitbyct  Password: bell - Key in the search box "Liberty: The American Revolution" American colonists were willing to fight for their freedom from Great Britain. They won the War of Independence and drafted the Constitution to uphold the values of the Declaration of Independence.

Discovery Education Username: whitbyct  Password: bell - Key in the search box "Field Trips to Yesterday: The Road to Revolution: Historical Boston" Discover how events in that city set the colonies on the road to revolution and independence. Archival material, re-enactment footage, and commentary from "Paul Revere" bring the events leading up to these war to life.

The Philadelphia Campaign From - A history of the Revolutionary war and an overview of the events leading up to the campaign.
Famous Historical People By Kid Info - A number of links to sites with biographical information.
Library of Congress: Look in "America's Library" and "American Memory" for information on American history. "Portals to the World" offers links to resources by country.
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    • TueOct13 US: 8th Grade School Visit Day
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    • WedOct14 US Day B
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    • ThuOct15 US: Parent Workshop: Assessment and the MYP 8:15 AM to 9:30 AM

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