Should You Commit Your Child to One School For 13 Years?

N-8 or K-12 Schools: Which Provides the Greatest Outcome?

Your child has their own unique strengths and challenges — so do the schools they attend during their most formative learning years. Your goal as a parent is to find a compatible institution that will engage your child’s mind, a place where their interests are nurtured and where they can holistically grow as a person.

But it isn’t always simple. If your child hasn’t even started school, how can you accurately gauge their academic interests? How can you determine the challenges they may face as a learner? Therefore, should you commit your child to one school for 13 years without knowing those answers?

This guide will explore five findings that support the value of separating your child's elementary and middle school experience from high school including:

  • Why it’s beneficial for “kids to remain kids” as long as possible
  • Why the first years of education are crucial to future success
  • How children are better at finding the learning style that best suits them
  • Why children can and should learn to lead early on in life
  • And more!

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