The Power of Gratitude

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Tuition funds mission. Philanthropy fuels vision. Join 100% of Whitby's faculty, staff and trustees and make your gift for tomorrow - today.

Whitby inspires a passion for learning and empowers each child to take responsibility as an open-minded, principled citizen in a global community. 


Thankfully, we don't do it alone.

Each year, Whitby’s alumni, families, and friends come together to further our mission by making financial contributions to the school above and beyond tuition. The additional resources provided by these individuals, as well as numerous corporate and private foundations, allow Whitby to be nothing less than extraordinary. While tuition pays for the work we do today, philanthropy inspires our vision for tomorrow – the school we are always becoming. 

Each year, we strategically invest in programs and people, and philanthropy fuels those investments. We are truly grateful to our donors for their commitment to Whitby and the inspiration they provide our faculty and students everyday.

Whether they realize it or not, each time someone makes a gift to Whitby they say "thank you."

Your gift says a lot about us.

Gifts to Whitby have an even greater effect. In addition to empowering Whitby to invest in teaching and learning, the gifts we receive demonstrate our community’s commitment to our mission. These gifts also acknowledge the hard work of our faculty to provide an exceptional education for every Whitby child. 

Whether they realize it or not, each time someone makes a gift to Whitby they do so as a way to say “thank you.” Whether it’s a gift from a thankful alum or a grateful parent, each time a family chooses to make a gift to Whitby, they choose to demonstrate their gratitude for the work our teachers are doing everyday. 

That’s why when a donor asks “how much should I give?” we encourage them to “give enough” to properly acknowledge their appreciation for a Whitby education.


We're all in.

Gratitude is not self-perpetuating. It takes a conscious effort, a commitment from our entire community and it starts with the leadership of our school. Each year, 100% of Whitby’s faculty, staff, and Trustees give to the Whitby Fund. They do so to demonstrate their commitment to our community and to acknowledge their role as stewards of our culture and the resources entrusted to by our current and former families. They do so to say thank you for the trust the community places in them. They give back so that Whitby can go forward and continue to invest in the people and programs that make Whitby the school of choice for so many families. And, they give to set an example for others to follow.   


We know you have a choice.

Regardless of how long you are part of the Whitby family, we hope that Whitby will be one of your family’s top philanthropic endeavors. We know that your philanthropic dollars are carefully invested. We believe Whitby is a worthy investment. The gifts entrusted to us help fund a school where each donor can impact the individual growth and development of a child. We all know that Whitby's children have the capacity and potential to greatly impact our world.  That opportunity to change the world is why so many of us became teachers. For our donors, that kind of investment creates an exponential opportunity for impact and an immeasurable return on their investment.

How Can You Acknowledge and Inspire? 

The Whitby Fund

The Whitby Fund is where donors acknowledge and inspire. Each fall, alumni, friends, and families demonstrate their commitment to Whitby by making gifts to the Whitby Fund.  Focused in the fall, the Whitby Fund is Whitby’s most important annual fundraising endeavor.

Tuition funds our mission: the Whitby Fund fuels our vision. In many ways, it's venture capital. We use it to invest in people and programs - all of which make a Whitby education extraordinary.

Concluding before the Holidays, the Whitby Fund is a volunteer-driven effort that engages the entire Whitby community. Whitby’s faculty, staff, and Trustees kick off the campaign every year with 100% participation from each and every member. Join them in giving to the Whitby Fund!



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Gifts to the Whitby Fund help us:

Tuition alone can’t keep up with the rising costs of healthcare or keep pace with competitive salaries and benefits, we need unrestricted donor dollars to help us sustain the level of teaching a Whitby education requires.

Personal growth and Professional Development aren’t extras; they are expectations for every Whitby teacher. Gifts to the Whitby Fund allow us to invest in and develop our greatest asset: your child’s teacher.

The Whitby Fund allows us to be nimble and responsive when innovation calls or disruptive ideas create opportunities to increase the impact and value of the education we provide – all while maintaining our commitment to fiscal responsibility. We view the Whitby Fund as venture capital and invest it in growing our capacity, strengthening our position, and expanding our impact.

Whitby is well known as a thought leader in independent school education. While our triple accreditation is unique, in and of itself, the fact that we have eight IB facilitators on our faculty –it’s an honor for a school to have just one – means that we are not only shaping Whitby, we’re shaping our entire industry. 

Gifts to the Whitby Fund do so much more than fund programs. Gifts to the Whitby Fund shape our future. As we look towards our next expansion, as we contemplate who we could be a year or two from now, we look at the Whitby Fund and the participation of our families to determine just how far we can go. To those of you who give each year, thank you. You have helped shape who we are today and your continued support guides our thinking about tomorrow.

We pay tuition to get a job done; we make a gift to the Whitby Fund to say thank you when the job’s been done well. Your gift to the Whitby Fund let’s our faculty know you believe in them, you appreciate the work they do, and you want them to do even more year after year!

Whitby Fund Frequently Asked Questions:

You don’t. Whitby School is fiscally responsible and stewards every dollar to ensure every child gets the best education money can buy. But, we don’t stop there. We do more than that each year, therefore, more investment is required.  The Whitby Fund offers our families a way to support those investments with a tax deductible gift. You can certainly end your support with your tuition payments each year. But, that won’t stop other Whitby families from making gifts or stop us from making investments in the people and programs that impact children –including yours – everyday.

Yes. 100% of your gift to the Whitby Fund is tax deductible.

The answer is pretty simple: give enough! We don’t assign amounts to our families. We don’t want to tell you what to give, we want you to make a gift that demonstrates your love for and appreciate of Whitby School. Your gift is your way to say thank you and to inspire Whitby’s faculty. The amount of appreciation and inspiration is up to you.

Yes, there are several giving levels within the Whitby Fund and those donors are listed by level in our annual report each year. But, where you are on the list isn’t as important as the fact that you are on the list! You'll see a list of our Giving Levels included on this page.

You told us you’d had enough! Enough emails, enough calls, enough asking you for money! We heard you, so this year, Whitby’s trying something different.  Instead of a year long campaign, we’re going to try and get it all done before the Holidays.  This means several weeks of asking versus several months and that means several months of us getting to say thank you to everyone who gives!

No. You need to make a pledge. You can make your gift whenever it’s right for your family. So, if you prefer to make the gift later in the school year, that’s when you will make your actual gift. You’ll simply make your family’s pledge to the campaign in October. We will send you a thank you for the pledge and a reminder for the gift. All gifts must be received on or before June 30 to be included in the Whitby Fund. This excludes matching gifts pledged by our donors.

Yes. If you secured the gift, you get credit for it as does your company.

You can search for your company using the directory below:



If you need additional help, contact the advancement office by calling 203-983-6622.

Whitby Fund Giving Societies/Levels

Whitby School is honored by the annual contributions of its alumni, families, and friends. Every year, our donors acknowledge and inspire us with their gifts. We are pleased to recognize their contributions to Whitby in our annual report and through the following giving societies.

St. Hilda Society $25,000 and above
Head's Circle $15,000 - $24,999
Whitby Council $10,000 - $14,999
Founders' Society $5,000 - $9,999
Caedmon Fellows $2,500 - $4,999
Montessori Mentors $1,000 - $2,499
Associates up to $999

Whitby School Gala March 7, 2020

Whitby's Annual Gala Benefit

Whitby’s Annual Benefit is a wonderful celebration of the Whitby community and another way donors can support Whitby. This much-anticipated evening is Whitby's most important and successful fundraising event of the year and is spearheaded by the volunteers of the Whitby Parents Association. Funds raised at the Benefit allow us to obtain the additional support needed to enhance our facilities, secure new technologies, and offer new programs that are imperative for our students' personal and academic growth.

You can support the Annual Gala Benefit in a number of ways:

  • Buy a ticket and attend! 
  • Donate a silent or live auction item. The Silent Auction takes place during the cocktail hour and it’s the perfect place to pick up a unique treasure.  Items include themed baskets, jewelry, fine wine, and more. The Live Auction is reserved for experiences: vacations, VIP events, one-of-a-kind activities with teachers. 
  • Bid, bid, bid!  If you’re coming to the Benefit looking for a deal, you’ll probably find one. But, if you’re coming looking to have an impact on teaching and learning at Whitby, you’ll have even more fun! 

Other Ways to Contribute

Checks or money orders should be made out to Whitby School and sent to the Office of Institutional Advancement.

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Many employers offer matching gift programs through which they will double or even triple your contribution to Whitby. Some employers may even match gifts made by retirees and family members.

Search the database below to see your company's policy:


In-Kind gifts are not monetary donations, but are tax-deductible within legal limits. If you have any questions about In-Kind giving, please contact the Advancement office.

Gifts of stock represent a two-fold savings opportunity. Donors avoid paying capital gains taxes on the increased values of their stocks. In addition, donors receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of the stock on the date of the gift. Gifts of appreciated securities are often beneficial as you receive credit for appreciated value yet avoid paying capital gains tax.

For instructions on transferring stock to Whitby please call Megan Harris at 203-983-6622. 

Planned giving provides Whitby School income while providing economic benefits to your estate plan. Planned Giving rules are constantly changing, so you are advised to consult with your financial advisors to consider options that would benefit you most. Options to consider are bequests, charitable or deferred gift annuities, real estate gifts, charitable lead trusts and life insurance policies.

Ready to Support Our Vision?

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