Lifelong Learning in Action

Gain some perspective on what makes learning at Whitby truly meaningful
from some of our faculty, staff and students.

Cilla Jelliffe, Primary Teacher/former parent on
The True Value of a Whitby Education

"Their thirst for knowledge is insatiable."

Tara, Grade 8 Student, on
Knowing Yourself as a Learner

"I know what I can improve on, I know what I've done well."

Annette Osband, Upper School Math Teacher on
Hands-On, Minds-On Learning

“We will model speed, we spot model acceleration, we may even model the coordinate system on the floor with our bodies (because) kids like to get out of their seats.”

Linda Troya, Stepping Stones Teacher on
Early Childhood Education at Whitby

"Whitby allows children to be themselves."

Jonathan Chein, Former Head of Upper School on
Our Take on Assessments

"Our assessments are more frequent - and yet not as rote in nature. They're about learning, they're about applying, they're about communicating."

Diana Ljepoja, Primary Years Program Coordinator on
The Excitement of Grade 4 Exhibition

"It's a time when students put together all they've learned through their journey."

Aya, Grade 4 Student, on
Learning through Summative Assessments

"For summative assessments you get a special reflection...what you've improved on, what you thought you did well, what you learned as a learner."

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