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"My time at Whitby taught me the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but it really taught me how to be a confident, competent, compassionate learner for life  - perhaps the most important and useful thing I have ever learned in my life."
"College is much more like Whitby where you feel more in charge of your education. You have a lot more choice over your education and you're learning because you want to learn."– Cathleen Caron, Founder of Justice In Motion, Whitby Class of '84

After fostering a belief in herself and a sense of value during her time at Whitby, alumna Cathleen Caron founded Justice In Motion, a nonprofit that protects migrant rights across borders. Her team advocates for laborers who have been exploited in their work and people who are seeking safety and protection in the United States.


"I credit the creativity and willingness to think outside the box that has allowed me to follow my dreams to my time at Whitby."
– Anya Cherneff, Founder of Empower Generation, Whitby Class of '97

After her time at Whitby, Cherneff continued on to Secondary School and then received her BA in Anthropology at Columbia University, followed by a Masters in Human Rights at the University of Denver.  Anya set out to offer sustainable employment to women vulnerable to slavery and ultimately become the cofounder of Empower Generation, a non-profit that empowers women to become clean energy entrepreneurs. Learn more about Anya’s journey.

"Without the confidence and tools I learned in public speaking that I got from Whitby, I wouldn’t have been able to walk into my high school of about 3,000 people and run for freshman class president and be elected."
- Eliza McNitt, Filmmaker and Director, Whitby Class of '06

Eliza McNitt found filmmaking through science. A top winner of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her research on Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder, Eliza's first film was inspired by a desire to communicate the devastating impact of vanishing honeybees.

Eliza recently adapted her award winning “Spheres Virtual Reality Trilogy” that she had written and directed, into a live performance Ted Talk performed in the Kavli geodesic dome Theatre at The National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C.

Eliza was nominated for an Emmy for Spheres and a Golden Lion Grand Prix Best VR Film Award at Venice international Film Festival 2018. Spheres was produced by Darren Aronofsky (Director of Black Swan Film), with music by Netflix Stranger Things Emmy Award Winning Composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. Learn more about Eliza's filmmaking journey.

"Whitby is the kind of place where you are led to believe you can accomplish anything you want to do…It allowed me to expand my views on politics and learn different viewpoints and engage in different debates."
- Blake Reinken, Greenwich High School Student Government President, Whitby Class of '11

Photo credit: Bob Luckey, Greenwich Time

At Whitby, Blake discovered he had a knack for discussing politics. When he moved on to high school, he continued this passion pursuit and became Student Government president. You may recognize his name from the "die-in" protest he hosted at Greenwich High School to raise awareness of racism and inequality. 

Blake is now continuing his educational journey at George Washington University.

"I credit Whitby for helping me to achieve my successes in life and for developing my whole person, socially and emotionally, not just my academic mind"
- Sonia Satire Malloy, Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Whitby Class of '86

"At Whitby we were challenged to be open-minded, to try new things, to think outside of the box, to take a path less traveled and to take risks. The environment was safe and we were not afraid to be ourselves. We learned real world, critical thinking skills through trial and experimentation, and while sometimes we failed, we learned from those situations."

Sonia is back in Greenwich, pursuing her lifelong dream of owning a retail gift store. Her experience at SPLURGE Gifts is rewarding and fun, creative and challenging - and there are always familiar Whitby faces shopping at the store!

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