Whitby SChool

The Whitby campus may be closed but our doors are wide open to teaching and learning.

Building on a 60+ year history of innovation, collaboration, and educational excellence, we are delivering high-quality instruction that is a combination of interactive, guided, and individual learning experiences.  

We invite you to learn more about Distance Learning - The Whitby Way. If you'd like to know more about our educational continuum, then start your journey by clicking on the Whitby Difference page.  To connect with someone on our Admissions Team, contact admissions@whitbyschool.org  or call 203-302-3900.


Open Minds. Big Ideas. Infinite Possibilities.

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Children's House

18 Months - Kindergarten

Lower School

Grades 1 - 4
Upper School

Upper School

Grades 5 - 8

Welcome to Whitby School

Whitby was founded in 1958 on the principle that each child must be seen, valued, and understood for achievement to happen, with heart. Our school has come a long way since then, but that core belief is still what drives us every day. 

Is your standard for education as high as ours? Come say hello.

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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions Read More FAQ's

Does Whitby have a Community Service Program?

Whitby’s comprehensive Upper School Community Service program aims to expand students’ view of themselves and the world, develop empathy, humility and leadership skills, and come to understand that through their individual actions they can positively impact the lives of others.

How Does Whitby Prepare Students for Secondary School Success?

Whitby’s comprehensive secondary school program provides each student with a personalized school selection process that ensures they will find the ‘best fit’ for their academic and personal goals. The program emphasizes interview skills, test preparation and Admissions seminars, resulting in Whitby graduates attending a variety of highly selective secondary schools.