Whitby School Board of Trustees

It is Whitby School's Board's responsibility to ensure that the school mission is appropriate, relevant and vital to Whitby students and families. The Board focuses on the strategic direction of the School and the success of the School in fulfilling its mission, while leaving the School's daily operation to the Head of School and his Leadership Team. Members of the Board have a fiduciary responsibility to the School and work in partnership with the Head of School to implement solid fiscal practices.

Whitby School Board of Trustees

Hannah Granade, Chair
Andrew Wiener, Vice Chair
Tony Meconiates, Treasurer
Julie Rubenstein, Secretary
Christian Anthony
Nathan Denning
Chris Doheny
Mary Kate Donato
Andrea Douglas, M.D.
Jonathan Downs
Jennifer Garcia-Alonso
Lesley Hathaway Cagnoni
Andrea Hjelte
Anna Janis
Deepa Javeri
Carl Jean-Pierre
Soenke Lehmitz
Sonia Malloy
Michael Pavia
Khalil Rahman
Ex Officio Member
Jack Creeden, Ph.D., Head of School

If you are interested in learning more about how you might be able to volunteer your services on a Board committee, or if you have interest in serving as a Trustee, please send your CV and cover letter to: governance@whitbyschool.org.

The full Board meets regularly throughout the academic year, however much of the work of the Board is accomplished by five standing committees. Ad hoc task forces are formed when necessary to focus on a particular area of the School. Board Committees often include faculty, staff or non-trustee parents. The Board attends an annual retreat to reflect and discuss long-term direction and strategic focus for the school. 

Whitby School's Board of Trustee Committees:

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the overall fiscal health of Whitby. The Finance Committee recommends and monitors the school's operating budget and determines the level of financing of any capital needs. These capital needs include renovations of buildings and any new construction. They also lead the effort to manage and strengthen the endowment to ensure the school’s future welfare.

The Governance Committee is responsible for the governance of the Board, including reviewing and making any changes to the Board committee structure and to by-laws. The Committee oversees the trustee identification, recruitment, and evaluation process.

This Committee's duties entail the annual evaluation of the Head of School's performance, compensation, and benefits. The Committee provides on-going support and guidance to the Head of School. 

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for overseeing Whitby's 25-acre physical plant. The Board approves any building or land purchases or sales, and oversees major building projects on campus. The Committee oversees the master plan and approves policies pertaining to the use of school facilities. 

The Development Committee oversees strategies for the school's fund raising program to advance Whitby's distinctive mission and to promote a culture of philanthropy. Whitby’s fund raising efforts include the Whitby Fund, which is needed to balance the school's operating budget, capital gifts to finance new facilities, and an annual Spring Benefit.

The Development Committee also provides strategic direction for communications, cultivation and stewardship of all constituents from cradle (prospective parents) to the grave (alumni through planned giving). They regularly review Whitby’s mission statement, strategic plan and development plan.

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