Whitby Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals


Whitby inspires a passion for learning and empowers each child to take responsibility
as an open-minded, principled citizen in a global community.


Whitby will be the school of choice offering a compelling educational continuum,
recognized for excellence and for embracing innovation.

Strategic Goals

The four major goals of the Strategic Plan initially arose from the themes generated from
interviews and roundtables conducted at the beginning of the planning process.

Students in science class at Whitby school


A Whitby education, from the earliest years, will offer families and their children a compelling developmental and educational continuum, using world-leading models that prepare each child, uniquely, for success in their life-long learning journey.

Community at Whitby School


The Whitby community will be enriched by initiatives, programs and facilities that enhance connections between students, families and staff to challenge and celebrate their diverse values, interests and needs and strengthen the foundation on which our future is built.

Student using a laptop in a classroom at Whitby School


Whitby will prepare our students for an ever-changing world by promoting the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, exploring multiple perspectives, providing opportunities to learn beyond boundaries, and embracing the diversity of the network of families that comprise our community.

Bulletin board in a classroom at Whitby School

Continuous Improvement

Whitby will be a model for excellence in education by continually improving its program and impact, actively employing and refining best practices to enhance student learning, and sharing its successes with the community and the field.

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