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Preschool Half and Full Day Programs

The longer you stay at Whitby, the more we have to offer.

The full day program at Whitby engages children in learning as an extension of our Montessori - International Baccalaureate curriculum, allowing them to follow their interests and make the discoveries which lead to confident, accomplished learners.

Longer school days may be desirable or necessary for your family. You can enroll your child in the morning program only, or the full day program which is tailored to each age group.


Stepping Stones Half Day Program

Monday-FRIday until 11:30 Am

Stepping Stones Full Day Program

Monday-Thursday until 2:45 pm
The full day program provides:
  • more time to explore the learning environment as a continuation of the morning curriculum;
  • increased opportunities to develop social skills;
  • routines of table setting, eating and cleaning up at lunch to encourage independence and a healthy approach to mealtimes (children may bring their own lunches or order from the school’s caterer);
  • rest time, if needed;
  • indoor and outdoor play areas to meet the child’s need for gross motor development.


Primary Full Day Program*

Monday-Thursday until 2:45 pm
To best meet the needs of our youngest students, Primary children re-group with age-like peers in the afternoon. The afternoon program provides:
  • lunch with other students where children practice independence, grace and courtesy (children may bring their own lunches or order from the school’s caterer);
  • transition to same-age peer groups that extend socializing opportunities;
  • special activities that include music, art, cooking, Chinese and a weekly visits to the Whitby Library;
  • outdoor time (weather permitting) with peers that helps to build caring relationships while encouraging the development of physical skills and refined coordination;
  • classroom environments that promotes creative and imaginative play.

* Half-day program is available for Primary 1 students only. Program runs MONDAY-FRIDAY until 11:45 AM.

Whitby's Enrichment Programs (for Primary 2 and 3 students)

Monday-Thursday 3:00-3:50pm
Fridays 12:30 - 3:40pm

Whitby encourages students to join and participate in a variety of school activities where children can learn, explore new interests and make friends beyond the school day. These widely popular optional afternoon activities are aimed at providing enriching experiences that build on individual interests and extend learning beyond the classroom, while supporting families who want an extension to the academic day.

Our mission-focused cocurricular program provides choice-based offerings, which complement the curricular programming along the educational continuum, preparing each child for the world ahead and developing lifelong learners. Students participate in a variety of school activities where children can learn from both Whitby teachers and highly skilled and experienced external instructors.


Teaching at all ages: KIBO Robotics


Our KIBO Robotics course is just one of many enrichment activities we offer to our students beginning in Primary 2. Through hands-on experimentation, students learn about the basics of programming without the use of a tablet or computer.

Other courses include tennis, dance, Beginner Chinese, LittleBits, Science Exploratorium, Mother Tongue Language Learning and Chess.

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