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Want to explore topics in parenting and education?

Learn what you can do right now to give your child the best start. Join Whitby School for Parents as Partners - a special mini-series of workshops related to parenting and education, an extension of our partnership with families. All workshops are held in the Whitby classroom Primary A (unless otherwise noted), and are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Learn how to give your children the best opportunities to thrive during childhood, adolescence and beyond. These workshops are led by Whitby’s veteran Montessori and International Baccalaureate trained educators.

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Upcoming Parenting Workshops:

Raising a Confident Child

"How to Raise and Nurture a Confident, Self-Reliant and Independent Child"

This interactive session will provide invaluable insights as to why the early years of a child’s life are so crucial for development. Our Montessori and IB trained early-childhood educators will share practical tips on how to help your child build confidence, independence, and motivation. An open discussion will follow, allowing for ideas and success stories to be shared, and providing you with the ability to best support your child’s optimal development at home. 

Thursday, September 28 at 8:15am

Play as a Powerful Learning Tool

"How to Better Understand the Value of Play as a Powerful Tool for Learning in your Child's Life"

Continuing in our series of informative workshops, this week we focus on how play contributes to your child's cognitive development and how you can support this learning at home. We welcome participation throughout the session, so please bring your questions.

Thursday, October 19 at 8:15am


Hallmarks of a Montessori Education

“I Can Do it Myself”

Come and explore Practical Life, Sensorial and Art. While you might consider some of the activities mundane, the opportunity to use these materials in a purposeful way help a child to gain independence, control of their movement and develop an orderly approach to thinking and adapt to society. Be prepared to grasp, pour, color and build!

Thursday, November 16 at 8:15am 

Note: This workshop will take place in the Whitby Yoga Studio.

Handwriting Without Tears

“The Art of the Writing”

Recent research supports the active teaching of handwriting and findings demonstrate that writing by hand improves creative writing, thinking, and fine motor skills. Join us to learn how the HWT program fits a Montessori classroom by incorporating all of the senses in learning how to correctly form uppercase and lowercase letters.

Thursday, December 7 at 8:15 am

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