Participatory Action Research

Whitby School


Individuals & Societies: Participatory Action Research

As is the tradition each Spring, Whitby’s 6th graders have been studying environmental justice in their Individuals and Societies classes. For their assessment in this unit, students engage in Participatory Action Research. This involves doing a deep dive into an environmental issue of their choosing, consulting experts in the field to supplement their research, and then taking an action to try to effect some kind of change relating to their issue.Participatory Action: Electric Car

For many students, the action they selected was to raise awareness about their issue in the Whitby community. At best, one of the community’s many changemakers might take an interest in one of these issues and help promote meaningful change. At the very least, they hope that each member of the community will make small changes that will collectively help improve these serious issues, which are as follows. Check them out!

SAMAYA DAWKINS Plastic Pollution GRACE RUBINSTEIN Factory Farming and Meat Pollution
KESHAV GOPAL Nuclear Energy SINYA JINDAL The Water Crisis
KENT COMO Overfishing    

Below is a glimpse of Participatory Actions from previous years. 

E-Waste by Anya Nadel

Deforestation by Ying Yin Chen

Environmental Impact of Food Waste  by Nikki Samios

Ocean Waste by Lainie Geyer

Car Pollution by Hailey Holovach 

Pollution from Trucks and Buses by Esteban Orozco

Pollution from Fertilizer by Emi Gil Zalis

Ocean Acidification by Sami Netter

Deforestation by Nicholas Shklovsky

Fracking by Ayana Banerjee

Invasive Species by Maya Narendula

Pollution from Planes and Ships by Cody Cezzar

Desertification by Yasmeen Hokail