Equal, But Not the Same

Meg Reilly

The 4th grade finished a unit called "Equal, But Not the Same" where we looked at our own identity, and stereotypes about boys and girls. We looked at common stereotypes and reflected on them, and we also decided what parts of our identity were important to us. Maybe one person values culture, where they come from, the language they speak, if they are a boy or a girl, or the activities, sports, and hobbies they enjoy.

"What makes you – you? Well, maybe your culture, your favorite food, and the sport you play."
Excerpt from the poem "Our Identity" by Juanita Cuadros, Grade 4 

We decided identity is what makes each person unique, and each person should have the freedom to choose their identity. It is our responsibility to value and respect other identities as well.

As part of this inquiry, we looked at poetry as a way to express identity. We learned about poetic devices, such as rhyme, repetition, and alliteration, to do this. We each wrote a poem that either expressed something about our identity and what makes us all unique, or we wrote about changing the stereotypes society has about what boys should like and what girls should look like, act, or do. We wanted to raise awareness with our poems about the importance of identity, and the problem with stereotypes. (Introduction by Sahana Bhat.)

The following poems are written by poems by:

Juanita Cuadros - Our Identity

Sahana Bhat – Boys and Girls

Chloe Evenson - 1821- 2021

Iker Ezama - My Identity Poem

Alexander Troy Meconiates - Brothers




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poetry 3

poetry 4

poetry 5