The Whitby School Continuum: A Passion for Learning at Every Level

Joshua Aromin

Joshua Aromin

As a mission driven school, everything we do at Whitby is centered around inspiring a passion for learning and empowering every child to be an open-minded, principled citizen in a global community. For us, school is just the beginning. Our teachers strive to create meaningful learning experiences to motivate confidence and authentic inquiry through all grade levels.

Hear from several of our teachers who spoke at the 2017 State of the School Celebration. (And re-watch videos from the 2016 State of the School here.)

1. What Drives Us | Simone Becker, Assistant Head of School and Head of Lower School

“Our faculty is never satisfied with the status quo. They continue to transform education as Whitby has done over decades.”

2. What Whitby Was Built On | Malina Marshall, Children's House Ambassador and Shane Caroppoli, Primary Teacher

“When children make mistakes, they are learning opportunities for our children. During those times we make sure our children draw strength from those ‘negative’ experiences.”

3. Meaningful Learning through Economics Unit Builds Persistence and Transdisciplinary Skills | Gail Griffin, Grade 4 Teacher

"What do you do if you’re faced with a challenge and how do you overcome that and how do you think flexibly about that? The children learn how to think more critically and how they can value persistence."


4. Learning in the Global Community | Alicia Miller, Language Development and EAL Coordinator and Courtney Eppleman, EAL Teacher

"At Whitby, we develop as global citizens by working across linguistic and cultural boundaries to communicate, grow and learn."

5. Building an Argument With Interdisciplinary Skills from Individuals and Societies and Theater | Allyn Rathus, Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum Leader; Andy Greene and Emily Bierman, Individuals and Societies Teachers

“The title of the unit is ‘Do the Right Thing’ but as the unit progresses, we discuss that ultimately it’s not just about doing the right thing individually but also persuading others to do the right thing as well.”


6. Student Advocacy | Lindsay Sudeikis

"They’ve already made it their own because the wondering is theirs. It’s not the teacher's. What I’ve done is provided something substantial for them to ponder and question and grapple with."

Whitby School's passionate teachers are at the foundation of what helps our school continue to thrive and grow. Follow the button below to download our 10 Things to Look for in an Inspirational Classroom Infographic and discover what other "ingredients" are needed for a school to truly inspire children to love learning:
Link to download "10 Things to Look For In an Inspirational Classroom"
Joshua Aromin

Joshua Aromin

Josh is the Content Marketing Coordinator for Whitby School. A former magazine editor, Josh first drew an interest in journalism after the 2004 Boston Red Sox won the World Series, wanting to someday be on the field for a championship, while having subpar baseball skills. His desire to become a sportswriter eventually faded and he developed an interest in memoirs and human interest stories. Today, Josh strives to tell the stories happening at Whitby School through writing, photography and video.