Video: This is What a Passion for Lifelong Learning Looks Like

Joshua Aromin

Joshua Aromin

At Whitby, we strive for lifelong learning amongst both our students, teachers and administrative staff. At our recent State of the School event, several faculty told their stories of what inspires them and how that's translated into a more enriched learning experience for students in and out of the classroom. Watch their videos to learn more....

1. Empowerment as Part of School Culture
Alyssa Smith, Fourth Grade Teacher

Empowerment and risk taking are at the forefront for personal growth as a student or teacher. "If something I try fails, so what. Today's failure will inevitably ensure that something meaningful happens next time we revisit that failed idea."

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2. "An Energy You Can Feel"
Amanda Lavoie, Lower Elementary Teacher

The Montessori program fosters a peacefulness and international mindedness that's a perfect blend with the International Baccalaureate. While the origin of Montessori learning dates back to the early 1900s, the same concepts have been adapted to more contemporary mediums.

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3. Transdisciplinary Learning as an Essential Skill
Alissa Helgesen, Lower School Science and Math Coordinator 

"Who cares about place value if there's no purpose for it? They start to find logical connections we start to provide them with opportunities to apply these skills because we're looking for a balance of skill building, conceptual understanding, and problem solving."

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4. Reflection as a Reminder of Process Toward Product
Kathleen Flaherty, Lower School Spanish Teacher

The opportunity for students to reflect and see where they came from has allowed them to transform self-doubt into self-love, while empowering them to embrace contemporary challenges.

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5. ¿Cómo es español en Whitby?
Luz Palmero-Alvarez, Spanish Curriculum Leader and Luis Rivera, Upper School Spanish Teacher

It's important to provide diverse, dynamic, and developed Spanish programs to both native and non-native students no matter where they are along their language journey. 

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6. Arts as a Doorway Into Thinking Beyond the Stage
Allyn Rathus, Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum Leader

Participation in the Arts highlights the openmindedness in students by fostering consideration of different world perspectives, empathy for others and a realization that not every decision is black and white.

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Link to download "10 Things to Look For In an Inspirational Classroom"

Joshua Aromin

Joshua Aromin

Josh is the Content Marketing Coordinator for Whitby School. A former magazine editor, Josh first drew an interest in journalism after the 2004 Boston Red Sox won the World Series, wanting to someday be on the field for a championship, while having subpar baseball skills. His desire to become a sportswriter eventually faded and he developed an interest in memoirs and human interest stories. Today, Josh strives to tell the stories happening at Whitby School through writing, photography and video.