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How Do I know My Child Is Learning?

Whitby School shares five ways they keep parents connected in a socially-distanced world.


Distance Learning - Are My Kids Learning? 5 Questions to Ask Schools.

Laura Berzolla McDermott, Assessment Coordinator at Whitby asks, "When learning transitions from...


Weaving It Together

Whitby School educators using loom, art to promote closeness during a time of distance.


Greenwich-based Whitby one of the first schools to reopen

Greenwich Time/August 7, 2020.  In Montessori schools, children are encouraged to learn by touching...


Schools and Covid-19. Ready or Not.

It seems that in the last month, the major story on the Internet or in televised newscasts has been...


Lessons Learned from Coronavirus – Part 1 by Dr. Jack Creeden

Depending on when you start counting, teachers and students have been involved in distance learning...


Zoom-bombing retroactively raises questions about online etiquette

The Whitby School in Greenwich started training teachers in videoconferencing platforms in early...


Dr. Jack Creeden Named Whitby Head of School


The Whitby School Board of Trustees announced that Interim Head of School Jack Creeden will take...


Learning New Languages Like a Native Speaker


As our world grows smaller due to our interconnectedness, it is imperative that we give our...


Whitby Students Lead Grassroots Effort in Greenwich


What do environmental activists look like? Some might be surprised to learn that they look like...


Anxious Kids, Expert Answers

Whitby faculty Jenny Britt (SAIL Coordinator) & Rita Lovett (School Counselor and Life Skills...