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Our Nursery through Grade 8 continuum lays the foundation for students to become organized, articulate and confident — skills that are key for high school, college, and beyond. Learn more about the Benefits of our N-8 Model.

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We're not here just to entertain. We are storytellers. We're here to show that through theater we can have a voice, and through theater, we can make an impact on this world.

Seneca S.

Grade 8 Student, Whitby School

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Upper School Arts at Whitby

Theater at Whitby extends far beyond any chosen performance. When students are immersed in a production, monologues or other theatrical exercises, they are prompted to ask questions and think as their characters would think. Every question is seen as an opportunity to engage in deeper conversations on everything from conflict to camaraderie. 

As a result of these meaningful, real-world conversations,
students are able to develop more empathy and perspective for their own characters.


Learning That is Meaningful

A hallmark of our program is the emphasis we place on teaching students how to learn. We focus on teaching students the skills and strategies that promote growth and competence.

When our Upper Schoolers move on to their respective Secondary Schools after Grade 8, they are not only recognized for their academic work, but they are praised for their mature emotional intelligenceOur students are organized, articulate and advocate for themselves - exactly what they need to navigate high school years and beyond.


My short list of things to do after high school: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. From running the soundboard for Whitby's theater productions to studying sound waves in Mr. Glaeser's science class, my experience at Whitby really helped nurture my interest in these areas.

Liam Junkermann

Whitby Alum, Class of 2015, Junior at Blair Academy

Listen to Liam's Story:

Whitby's Nursery through Grade 8 Model

As an expert in primary education for 60 years, we’ve found that students who attend Nursery through Grade 8 schools are remarkably capable. They step up as leaders at a young age, and make well-thought out choices about their future. When they move on to their secondary schools, our students are organized, articulate, confident about who they are as learners and advocate on behalf of themselves - skills that are key for a student’s first year in high school and beyond.

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