8 Incredibly Fun (and Educational) Camp Activities as Chosen by Campers

Sarah Mead

Sarah Mead

Summer provides a wonderful opportunity for children to continue their learning in a fun and creative manner. Whitby School provides interactive and imaginative enrichment programs that do just that. Whether your child is interested in the the arts, sports, or both, they will have a blast with kinaesthetic activities that give them the chance to experience a non-traditional classroom setting, while still receiving a high educational value. They’ll end their summer with memories of learning and achieving! 

We asked Whitby campers what programs would provide them the most noteworthy experiences. Here are some of the activities that Whitby campers have chosen as their favorites:


According to the strictest definition, parkour is the act of moving from point “a” to point “b” using the obstacles in your path to increase your efficiency. And while it might look like a dangerous activity, when learned in a controlled environment, it can be fun and educational!

Elements of the Whitby program are focused on gymnastic movements, landing and form, since the very essence of parkour is centered around mastering complete body control. Students learn important motor skills, dexterity, balance, and above all, focus.


Since it was formed in 2005, Cardinal Soccer Camps have provided campers with the opportunity to get active and meet new friends. But soccer can offer so much more for your child’s development.

Soccer offers players to learn sportsmanship and create a well-constructive attitude about working with a team—regardless if they win or lose. Children who play soccer are exposed to the advantages of practicing to become your best, which generates self-confidence and builds character.

Ninja Warrior

Sound familiar? You’ve guessed it. This is our spin on the hit show “Ninja Warrior” that has been sweeping the televised nation. While it won’t be as intense as the show, we will offer children the chance to train by using the part-part-whole approach. Each obstacle (like horizontally scaling our new climbing wall!) will be broken down to its most finite skill and practiced until each student can perform the entire course.

The obstacle course presents the opportunity for your child to cultivate a sense of balance, problem solving, and perseverance. Specially designed to test strength, risk-taking, and stamina, Ninja Warrior is sure to be a camp favorite.

Rock Climbing

For the adventurous campers, rock climbing has become quite popular. Whitby’s new fully air-conditioned Athletics Center allows children to learn this sport in a low-risk, controlled environment.

Students will complete different climbing challenges, such as moving vertically and horizontally, as well as harvesting the ability to focus. Rock climbing is also a great way to teach children the importance of bravery and diligence to see a task through to the end.

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Martial Arts

Mixed into both our Parkour, Ninja Warrior, and Rock Climbing programs is a bit of martial arts. All taught by Kung-Fu Master, Matt Lapidus, the martial arts aspect of each activity improves the physical, mental, and social abilities of campers.

Children in these programs will learn traditional Kung-Fu, in addition to boxing and self-defense techniques. They will also participate in leadership drills to focus on interpersonal and communication skills, conflict resolution, and bully safety. Pairing martial arts with other activities allows campers to have both fun and see the effort in education.

3D Arts

Our enrichment programs have a wide variety of 3D arts including Drawing in 3D with Perspective, Game Design Pro: 3D Games with MacInspires, and 3D Maglev Cars with MacInspires. Campers will learn to draw expressions and faces, build their own maglev train car, and use software such Kodu and Spark! to build their own video game for a well-rounded experience in the 3D arts.

iMovie Filmmaking

If your child shows the makings of the next Spielberg, our IMovie Filmmaking course will be right up their alley! Everyone will learn the process to make their very own short film using iPhones and iPod Touches, storyboards, green screens, and special effects.

Starting with writing their own script, campers will become the director, videographer, and cast for their video. Children will also be in charge of creating an original soundtrack for their film, pushing their imagination to its full potential! At the end of the course, children will have a film that showcases their skills and knowledge to show to family and friends.

LEGO Adventures

How do you bring excitement to model building? Legos of course! Your child can experience the joy of everyone’s favorite interconnecting toy with a course that allows them to learn about real-life exploration and build models related to the NASA space program! Oh and did we mention the Legos are Star Wars themed?

Another Lego endeavor your child can experience is the Mindstorms EV3 program where they can construct programmable robots. Through these Lego adventures, campers will foster core values of celebrating discovery, perseverance, and teamwork.

Summer camp is a great way to enrich your child’s life with learning and fun! Registration is now open for Whitby School's Summer Program. Enroll today to start your child on the summer of a lifetime.

Sarah Mead

Sarah Mead

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